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Oinker Wizard

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Oinker Wizard
FPTRR Oinker Wizard Sprite.png
An Oinker Wizard from the front
Habitat(s)Icy Plains, Auros Ruins

Oinker Wizards are pig-like enemies that appear in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[name reference missing] They are a variant of the more common Oinker. They shoot different projectiles at Tingle that can stun him for a second, and try to keep their distance at same time, making it complicated to attack more than one at a time.


Oinkers Wizard are only found one the Second and Third Continents. They are first encountered in Icy Plain, and after that also in the in the Auros Ruins. They accompany the regular Oinker behind a closed gate of their camp, which can only be openend with the Oinker Snout.

Characteristics and Variations

Oinker Wizard

Regular Oinker Wizards only appear on the Icy Plain, together with a pair of Snow Oinkers. They guard the stolen Gold Lamé Socks of Chiko's Mum. They shoot fireballs at Tingle which are relativly hard to dodge, but can be blocked completely by the bodyguard. When they are defeated, they may drop a Hand-Sewn Robe.

Senior Oinker Wizard

FPTRR Senior Wizard Oinker Sprite.png

The Senior Oinker Wizards only appear in the first area of the Oinker camp in Auros Ruins. A pair of them joins the fight in the last phase together with some Small Oinker Captains. They shoot purple energy balls which do more damage and push Tingle further away than the regular fireballs of their cousins in Icy Plain.

Yang Illusion Master Oinker Wizard

FPTRR Yang Illusion Master Oinker Wizard Sprite.png

The Yang Illusion Master Oinker Wizard appears only in the final fight with the Oinker Chief. They are summoned normally in the battle when at least one Oinker Bodyguard is still present, otherwise the bodyguards would be called instead. They shoot energy balls that can set Tingle on fire for a small amount of time, and they are generally faster than normal Oinker Wizards. When they are defeated they may drop a valuable Magical Hat.

Yin Illusion Master Oinker Wizard

FPTRR Yin Illusion Master Oinker Wizard Sprite.png

Like its counterpart, the Yin Illusion Master Oinker Wizard only appears in the final battle against the Oinker Chief. The only difference beween the two wizards is that this one shoots blue energy balls that can freeze Tingle for a short time, making him more vulnerable to the attacks of the other Oinkers. This Oinker Wizard can also drop the Magical Hat.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Oinker Wizard Senior Oinker Wizard Yang Illusion Master Oinker Wizard Yin Illusion Master Oinker Wizard
Japan Japanese ブーブリアン魔導師 ブーブリアン上級魔導師 ブーブリアン魔導陽幻術師 ブーブリアン魔導陰幻術師