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Oinker as seen from the front- attacking. An Oinker as seen from behind.
Main appearance(s)

Oinkers are pig-like enemies that appear in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. They are fought like mini-bosses and their defeat often leads to finding an item of great worth. They are invulnerable to attacks as long as they are not stunned when running into obstacle like a wall or another Oinker.


Oinkers can be found in all Continents. They are first encountered in Lon Lon Meadow, and after that also in the Deku Forest, Icy Plains, and in the Auros Ruins. They are always in one place, behind a gate that can only be opened with the Oinker Snout.


Oinkers must often be defeated to obtain a precious item that someone has lost. Such an item will be bought back with many Rupees. As the story progresses, increasingly powerful Oinkers will be encountered. In the Auros Ruins, the powerful Oinker Chief and his followers must be defeated to obtain the Master Rupee. Not all Oinkers are hostile, though; the Oinker Couple of Auros Ruins try to break away from the customs of their people.

Characteristics and Variations

Oinkers are the most varied enemies in the game. Besides the normal weapon wielding types, there are also Oinker Wizards and larger armored Oinkers.


The Oinkers from the Lon Lon Meadow are the first Oinkers Tingle will encounter. They've stolen the Town Guard's Golden Button and are supposedly responsible for the kidnapping of Missy, though they are later found innocent. They can drop the Shoddy Lance when defeated.

Forest Oinker

FPTRR Forest Oinker Sprite.png

The Forest Oinkers live in a camp in the Deku Forest. They've stolen Bella's Dazzling Brooch and can drop the Low-Budget Mace and the Shoddy Shield when defeated.

Snow Oinker

FPTRR Snow Oinker Sprite.png

The Snow Oinkers call a camp in Icy Plain their home. Together with a pair of Oinker Wizards, they guard the stolen

Gold Lamé Socks of Chiko's Mum. When they are defeated they can drop Shoulder Spikes or a Poker Lance.

Axe Oinker

FPTRR Axe Oinker Sprite.png

Tingle first encounters this Oinker type in the Fairy Garden, where a single Axe Oinker, known as Stray Oinker, guards the Iron Herb. Later, they can also be found in Auros Ruins where they guard they patrol the walls of the last Oinker camp. If defeated, they can drop the Destructor Axe.

Lance Oinker

FPTRR Lance Oinker Sprite.png

The Lance Oinkers accompany the Axe Oinkers in the Oinker camp of Auros Ruins. If defeated, they can drop a Poker Lance.


FPTRR Pubarian Sprite.png

The Pubarian is only encountered during the battle with the Blue and Red Oinker Captain. They are a lot faster than regular Oinkers when rolling on their broken Rupee orbs but are nonetheless defeated the same way as the other Oinkers.

Small Oinker Captain

FPTRR Oinker Bodyguard Sprite.png

The Small Oinker Captains are the last guard of Oinker camp's first room in Auros Ruins. They have a lot more health than regular Oinkers, but they are a bit slower. If defeated they can drop a 10-Man Slicer.

Oinker Bodyguard

FPTRR Small Oinker Captain Sprite.png

The elite version of the Small Oinker Captain is the Oinker Bodyguard. They are only encountered during the fight with the Oinker Chief who calls them regularly. They can also drop the 10-Man Slicer.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Oinker Forest Oinker Snow Oinker Stray Oinker Axe Oinker Lance Oinker
Japan Japanese ブーブリアン 森ブーブリアン 雪ブーブリアン はぐれブーブリアン ブーブリアン・アクス ブーブリアン・ランス
TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Pubarian Small Oinker Captain Oinker Bodyguard
Japan Japanese プープリアン ブーブリアン小隊長 ブーブリアン親衛隊