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TWW Obli Figurine Model.png
Great and Talented Champion[1]
Former Champion[2]
Main appearance(s)
Willi (brother)

Obli is a character from The Wind Waker.[4]


Obli can be found at the Flight Control Platform. While he might look like a Rito, he's actually just a human who dresses up as one of the feathered race due to his unhealthy obsession with them. He soon began running the Bird-Man Contest along with his younger brother, Willi.

The banner at the end of the Bird-Man Contest signifies the greatest distance any contestant has managed to travel. Obli is the one to have set that record, earning him the title of the Great and Talented Champion.[1] After Link beats that record, the young hero inherits the title and Obli is rechristened to the Former Champion.[2]


As Obli's Spanish, French and German names seem to suggest, Obli might be based on Orville Wright, one half of the Wright brothers who are credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane. However, Orville Wright was younger than Wilbur, while Obli is older than Willi.

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