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Nack (Husband)
Nebb (Son)
Narah (Daughter)

Nikki is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Nikki lives in Hateno Village. She loves to gossip and is usually found trading stories with fellow villager Amira at the water trough next to the general store, East Wind.[2] Should Link attempt to talk to her, she will shrilly accuse him of eavesdropping on their conversation.[3] Trying to speak to Amira instead will get Nikki to shoo him away.[4] However, Link can hide away behind the trough and overhear Nikki bring up a child being sighted at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[5] While Amira wonders if the girl lives there,[6] Nikki assures her that the owners of the lab do not care for children.[7] Nikki has an idea of who the girl is, but is quick to dismiss the thought.[8]

She finally decides to go home at 9 o'clock to prepare for the next day,[9] advising Link to do the same.[10] At 5 in the morning, she wakes up to go to the water trough. Nikki claims she is going to work and is incredibly irritated if Link appears to be following her.[11][12]


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