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Navi Trackers

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Navi Trackers
Navi Trackers Tetra.jpg
Game(s) Four Swords Adventures Triforce piece.png

Navi Trackers is a game mode in the Japanese and Korean versions of Four Swords Adventures.


Up to 4 players are able to connect their Game Boy Advances to the GameCube's controller ports and compete against each other. The objective of Navi Trackers is to run through mazes, searching for members of Tetra's Pirate Crew and collect stamps in a certain amount of time. The actual game takes place on the Game Boy Advance screen, while the map appears on the television screen. The game is narrated by Tetra, who uses full voice acting to provide the Links with commentary. Sue-Belle and Salvatore also give commentary as well. Navi Trackers also features a single-player mode against Tingle.

Players can select their gender and two Japanese characters as their names, which Tetra will say out loud.


Originally titled Tetra's Trackers, the game was first shown at E3 2003 alongside Four Swords Adventures as separate games.[1] It was announced later that year that both games, plus a new one called Shadow Battle, would be included in the same disc. However, only the Hyrulean Adventure and Shadow Battle modes were included in the non-Japanese and Korean versions of the game.

During developement of Navi Trackers, the mode was originally in English. Instead of two Japanese characters, players could choose one English letter as an initial.[2]


Much like Link's Fairy companion, Navi, Navi Trackers derives its name from a contraction of the word "navigation."


  • Unused assets found on the game disc suggest that during early development, Navi Trackers was supposed to be a different game. These unused assets bear a strong resemblance to assets from Marvelous: Another Treasure Island, an SNES game directed by Eiji Aonuma.[3]


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