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BotW Narah Model.png
Nack (father)
Nikki (mother)
Nebb (brother)

Narah is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Narah is a friendly, fun-loving little girl who lives in Hateno Village and spends her time running around in front of Ton Pu Inn. She very much enjoys running,[2] but also enjoys conversation and will demand that Link ask her some questions.[3] Link can ask her three different things: who Narah cares about, what she enjoys doing, and what things she likes. Whenever she answers one of Link's questions, she will ask to keep the conversation going.[4]

Asking who she cares about leads Narah to declare her love for her mother Nikki,[5] but she admits that the woman is always busy talking to her friend Amira.[6] She mentions that if she wants to talk to her mother, she will sneak up on the pair of adults.[7]

If Link asks her what she likes to do, Narah tells him how she enjoys catching bugs.[8] She will even teach the adventurer her technique for doing so.[9]

Link can ask the girl what sorts of things she likes and Narah will respond with an enthusiastic list of Gems, Rupees, and love.[10] If Link has a Sapphire in his possession, she will pause and think before recommending that he sell it.[11]

Once the conversation is done, the child will cheerfully bid him goodbye.[12]

When it rains, Narah will hurry home to stay dry.


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