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BotW Nanna Model.png
Race Sheikah
Gender Female
Family Claree (granddaughter)
Lasli (granddaughter)

Nanna is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Nanna is an elderly member of the Sheikah Tribe who can often be found at the Campfire at the entrance of Kakariko Village. When Link first comes to the Village, Nanna is laying on the ground with an injury.[2] She manages to stand on her own and is embarrassed that a visitor found her in such a condition.[3] Nanna then notices the Sheikah Slate on Link's belt and hesitantly asks where he found it.[4] Once Link explains, she takes his words to mean that he is a hero of legend.[5] She admits that not many people remember those legends, but assures Link that her people have been waiting for him.[6] Nanna then directs Link to Impa, the Tribe's leader.[7] If Link asks where to find her, Nanna will give him directions.[8] Before he goes, Nanna expresses how honored she is to meet him, though she believes he is used to such praise.[9]

Once Link has spoken to Impa, Nanna hears that the Sheikah Slate is not using its full potential and claims that her mentor should be able to help.[10] Asking about her mentor will allow Nanna to explain that they reside in Hateno Village and used to work on the Slate.[11] She also hesitantly warns Link that her teacher is rather strange.[12] Once she is finished, Nanna wishes Link a safe journey.[13]

At night, Nanna can be found in bed with her granddaughter Lasli watching over her. If awakened, the woman will be embarrassed of her condition and apologize, mentioning how her mentor warned her.[14] Despite her weakness, she offers what aid she can give and will repeat her information on Purah.[15]


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