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Mystical Seeds

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Mystical Seeds
OoX Link Ember Seed Artwork.png
Artwork of Link holding an Ember Seed
Other media Hyrule Warriors Legends

Throughout all of Labrynna and Holodrum, trees, bushes, pots, and even enemies hold Mystical Seeds. There are five types: Ember Seeds, Scent Seeds, Pegasus Seeds, Gale Seeds and Mystery Seeds. Seeds can be carried in a Seed Satchel and shot with a Slingshot or Seed Shooter. They grow on Mystical Trees. In addition, Four Swords also features three types of Mystical Seeds known as Razor Seeds, Armor Seeds, and Pegasus Seeds.

Seed Types

Ember Seeds

Ember Seed
Ember Seed.png

Ember Seeds are Mystical Seeds that ignite when cracked open. They can be used to light torches, burn shrubs, and cause enemies to spontaneously combust. If Link uses one on a Gibdo, its wrappings will burn off, revealing the Stalfos underneath.

These seeds grow on the aptly named Ember Tree. In Holodrum, these trees produce seeds during winter.

Scent Seeds

Scent Seed
Scent Seed.png

Scent Seeds are Mystical Seeds that emit a weird smell when cracked open. Many enemies are attracted to this scent, although it doesn't work on every enemy. These seeds are mostly used for shooting enemies and targets with either the Seed Shooter or the Slingshot. When shot, these seeds inflict physical damage without any evident scent effect.

These seeds grow on Scent Trees. In Holodrum, these trees produce seeds in the spring.

Pegasus Seeds

Pegasus Seed
Pegasus Seed.png

Pegasus Seeds are Mystical Seeds that cause Link to run faster. They appear in Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons and Four Swords, They can be used in conjunction with Roc's Feather to jump farther.[1] When shot, these seeds will freeze enemies in their tracks.

These seeds grow on Pegasus Trees. In Holodrum, these trees produce seeds in autumn.

Pegasus Seed FS.gif

In Four Swords, picking up a Pegasus Seed will double Link's walking speed until the stage is cleared.[2] Like the rest of the power-ups in Four Swords, they can be found by cutting down grass.

Gale Seeds

Gale Seed
Gale Seed.png

Gale Seeds are Mystical Seeds that produce miniature tornadoes when cracked open. These tornadoes can carry Link to any Mystical Tree that he has found, effectively becoming the warp system of the games.[3] Gale Seeds will blow almost any enemy away if they are fired out of the Seed Shooter or the Slingshot.

These seeds grow on Gale Trees. In Holodrum, these trees produce seeds in the summer.

Mystery Seeds

Mystery Seed
Mystery Seed.png

Mystery Seeds are one of the many types of Mystical Seeds. As suggested by their name, their effect will remain a mystery until used.

Mystery Seeds are a mix of every type of Mystical Seed including itself, having powers from each and every Seed. Their own unique ability is the power to bring Owl Statues to life. They are also the one thing which may undermine Veran, while she possesses the body of another.

These seeds grow on Mystery Trees. In Holodrum, these trees produce seeds during all the seasons.

Abilities of the Mystery Seeds

Mystery Seeds, although possessing abilities from each and every seed, are not all-powerful, and do not feature each and every ability that other Seeds do. The abilities they possess are activated upon contact with any enemy. All other times, they will explode with a mysterious sound, accompanied by a mysterious smoke. They are capable of:

  • Burning certain enemies (Ember Seeds)
  • Injuring certain enemies (Scent Seeds)
  • Freezing certain enemies in place (Pegasus Seeds)
  • Blowing certain enemies away (Gale Seeds)
  • Awakening Owl Statues (Mystery Seeds themselves)
  • Driving malevolent beings (like Veran) from a body they may be possessing (Mystery Seeds themselves)

Razor Seeds

Razor Seed FS.gif
Razor Seed.png

Razor Seeds are small red seeds that appear in Four Swords. Picking up a Razor Seed will double Link's attack power until the end of the current stage. It is one of the three upgrades available, the other two being the Armor Seed and the Pegasus Seed. Like the rest of the mystical seeds in the game, the Razor Seeds can be found by cutting down grass.[2]

Armor Seeds

Armor Seed FS.gif

Armor Seeds are mystical seeds featured in Four Swords. They are small blue seeds which have a crystalline appearance. Picking up an Armor Seed will double Link's defensive power until the end of the current stage.[2] They can be found by cutting grass.


  • In the Oracle series, Pegasus Seeds are blue in-game but green in their artwork, while Mystery Seeds are green in-game but violet in their artwork.
  • Mystery Seeds are called "Harena Seeds" in early prints of the Oracle of Ages manga.[citation needed]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Mystical Seeds Ember Seeds Scent Seeds Pegasus Seeds Gale Seeds Mystery Seeds
Japan Japanese ふしぎの木の実(OoX)
アチチの実 イテテの実 サッサの実 ピューの実 ハテナの実
French-speaking countries French Graines Pégase
French Republic FrenchEU Graines Mystique Graines Braise Graines Parfum Graines Vent Graines Mystère
Federal Republic of Germany German Glut-Kerne Duft-Kerne Pegasus-Kerne Sturm-Kerne Arkanum-Kerne
Italian Republic Italian Semi Magici Semi Ardenti Semi Profumati Semi Pegaso Semi Burrasca Semi Misteriosi
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Semillas Pegaso
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Semillas de Fuego Semillas Esencia Semillas Tifón Semillias Misteriosas
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Semillas místicas Triforce piece.png Semillas fuego Triforce piece.png Semillas esencia Triforce piece.png Semillas tifón Triforce piece.png Semillas misteriosas Triforce piece.png
TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Razor Seeds Armor Seeds
Japan Japanese ガツンの実 カッチの実
Canada FrenchCA Graines rasoir (FSAE) Graines armure (FSAE)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Semillas mosquetero (FSAE) Semillas de hierro (FSAE)



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