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Mr. Write is a character in Link's Awakening.[1][2]

Mr. Write
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Mr. Write is as a lonely letter-writer who sends countless letters to various people, but never gets any replies.[3] He lives in a house on the border of the Mysterious Woods.[4] He is part of the game's Trading Quest. Fittingly, the item Link delivers to him is a Letter from Christine, a resident of the Animal Village.[5] He gives Link a Broom in exchange, seemingly because he has nothing better to offer.[6] When the letter is delivered, it is revealed that it is a love letter, and that Christine has enclosed a photograph.[7] Although Mr. Write believes the photo to be of Christine herself, it is actually an image of Princess Peach from the Mario series.[8] This is a reference to long distance relationships, since she is lying about what she looks like and Mr. Write believes he is writing to a beautiful woman.[9]

Mr. Write owns an orange Bird (also the color of Christine's bow) while Christine owns a green bird (also the color of Mr. Write's hair).


  • Mr. Write is based on an advisor in the original SimCity, who had a nearly-identical appearance and name, Dr. Wright. The theme that plays in Mr. Write's house is also from the SNES version of SimCity, where it serves as Dr. Wright's theme.
    • This is technically Mr. Write's second foray into the Mario franchise (via Christine's "photo" of Princess Peach), as the SNES SimCity game had Bowser cameoing as a kaiju-style disaster event.
  • A similar character later appeared in Oracle of Seasons, going by the pun of a name Dr. Left. The latter also a makes a returning appearance in The Minish Cap.


His name is a reference to the fact that he loves writing letters.

  Names in Other Regions  
 JapaneseDr. ライト (Dr. Raito) (LA)
Dr.ライト (Dokutā Raito) (LANS)
Dr. Wright
Doctor Right
 FrenchEUM. Write (LA)[10]Mr. Write
M. is short for Monsieur (Mister).
 GermanDr. Wright (LA | LANS)-
 ItalianMr. Write (LANS) 
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