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Moving Grass

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Moving Grass
MM GrassCircle(Keaton).png
A patch of Moving Grass
Use(s) Summoning Keatons
Comparable Object(s) Grass

Moving Grass is a curious growth of Grass found only in Majora's Mask.

Location and Uses

Moving Grass appears in groups of nine and will animate and jump around several times when Link cuts a tuft of it. After a few jumps, Moving Grass will destroy itself, sending stray blades of Grass flying about. If Link is wearing the Keaton Mask while disturbing the grass, a Keaton will appear and quiz the young hero.[1][2]

Moving Grass always drop one Green Rupee when slashed, but they will not drop anything if they destroy themselves. If Link can destroy all the tufts of Moving Grass before they disappear, they will drop a single Red Rupee.

Moving Grass can be found only at Milk Road, the Mountain Village, in North Clock Town,[3] and in the grove in the Portal at the beginning of the game.


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