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Mountain of Fire

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This refers to the location of the Fire Temple in Spirit Tracks. You may be looking for Fire Mountain, the island that houses the Power Bracelets The Wind Waker.
Mountain of Fire
Mountain of Fire 2.png
The artwork of the Mountain of Fire from Spirit Tracks
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The Mountain of Fire is the name associated with the large, fiery mountain that engulfs much of the Fire Realm in the re-established land of Hyrule in Spirit Tracks.[citation needed] The mountain is an active volcano and is home to the Goron race that inhabits the Goron Village in the mountain's foothills. At its summit is the Fire Temple, one of the four special temples that powers the Tower of Spirits and sustains the existence of the Spirit Tracks.[1] It is located in the northeastern quadrant of Hyrule, with the two known paths to it leading from the Tower of Spirits and the neighboring Snow Realm. The mountain rises well above sea level and is inhabited by three large Snurglars that roam its slopes surrounding the Fire Temple. This mountain seems to be the spiritual successor to Death Mountain, an active volcano that was a prominent point of interest in the original Hyrule and was also home to that land's Fire Temple as well as the home of the Goron race.


Link ascending the Mountain of Fire to reach the Fire Temple

After the disappearance of the Fire Realm's Spirit Tracks, the Mountain of Fire becomes extremely violent and unstable, with major eruptions of fire and ash becoming the norm and wreaking havoc on the Goron tribe and their village. When Link comes to visit the Fire Temple atop the mountain and discover the cause of its disturbance, he is at first unable to access it due to the disappearance of the tracks leading up and around the slopes of the mountain and ultimately to the Fire Temple. As such, he is forced to seek out the realm's guardian Lokomo, Embrose, and perform in a Lokomo Duet with him in order to fully restore the tracks leading up the mountain. However, even the Fire Sanctuary, the abode of Embrose, is closed off to the young hero at first due to the eruptions of the mountain, which have blocked off a major part of the Goron settlement, the one in which the Goron Elder resides and which ultimately leads to the Fire Sanctuary itself.

Link is told by the native Gorons to meet with Kagoron at the Altar of the Mountain Goddess. Upon meeting with Kagoron, he tells Link to bring Mega Ice to the village with the freight car he gives him in order to quell the lava flows blocking off the other parts of the village.[2] After bringing the ice from Wellspring Station, Link is granted an audience with the Goron Elder, who permits him to proceed to the Fire Sanctuary and meet with Embrose. There, Link performs the necessary Lokomo Duet with the Lokomo, thus restoring the realm's lost Spirit Tracks leading up the mountain and to the Fire Temple.

On the mountain itself, Link is forced to dodge the multiple boulders of fiery rock and ash that fall from the sky and blast them with the Cannon of the Spirit Train as he makes his way up the mountain. He is also forced to pursue three gigantic Snurglars that roam the slopes of the mountain around the Fire Temple to reclaim the three keys they hold that open the gate to the Fire Temple itself.[3] According to the Gorons, the Snurglars are sensitive the noise of the Spirit Train's whistle; more specifically a certain rhythm of such noise: one short toot, followed by one long toot.[4] If done correctly, the rhythm will freeze the beasts, allowing Link to blast them with his cannon, knocking them unconscious for a short period of time. After the young hero reclaims the three keys from the Snurglars, he is able to enter the Fire Temple atop the mountain. After solving the temple's many mysteries, Link comes face-to-face with the source of the mountain's violent turn and the reason for the disappearance of the realm's tracks, the Lava Lord Cragma, a giant stone creature with a single eye. Utilizing the Bow found within the temple, Link is able to fell the enormous creature, thus cleansing the temple of its evil presence, restoring the temple's energy flow to the Tower of Spirits, and restoring peace to the mountain.


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