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Moruge Forest

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Moruge Forest
Moruge Forest as it appears in The Adventure of Link
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The Moruge Forest is a forest found in Hyrule, and is the home to Bagu.[1] It is first mentioned in an issue of the Valiant Comics, when Bagu visits the North Palace.

Features and Overview

An explanation on how to find Bagu's House

In The Adventure of Link, the name of the forest that serves as home to Bagu is not given, but a Bot living in Saria Town refers to it as the "Woods N of River".[2] It is a densely wooded region situated directly to the north of the Water Town of Saria, next to the Moruge Swamp. Bagu lives in a house in the middle of the forest, and when Link meets him, he gives Link a note which must be shown to the River Man to freely cross the bridge in Saria Town.


  1. He's [Bagu] come all the way from the Moruge Forest to visit us! --Link (Valiant Comic Issue #4)
  2. "LET ME BE! MASTER IS IN WOODS. N OF RIVER" — Bot (The Adventure of Link)