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Moria is never seen
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Moria is a kingdom mentioned in the book The Shadow Prince. Charles, one of the main characters of the book, traveled from the land of Moria to Hyrule as part of a custom that requires him to do good deeds in order for him to become the King of Moria.[1] Not many details are given about where Moria is located except that it's "far away."[1] However, later on it is discovered that Charles is actually Ganon in disguise, which heavily implies that Moria is a non-existant kingdom, especially since Princess Zelda had mentioned she had never heard of it.[2]

Morian Customs

Charles speaks of the many customs and other tradition that Moria has, although considering that Moria most likely does not exist, they were all probably made up by Charles to convince others of his good nature. Such customs include:

  • The king-to-be cannot take off their necklace until they become the king.[3]
  • Holding a scarf for good luck.[4]
  • He who wishes to be the king of Moria must walk through the night and ask the night fairies to tell him the secrets of kingship.[5]
  • Exchanging gifts.[6]



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