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ST Mona Model.png
Main appearance(s)
Bunnio (husband)[1]

Mona is a character in Spirit Tracks.[1]


Mona is a woman who resides in Castle Town. When spoken to early in the game, she expresses worry over her missing husband, recounting his love of rabbits and wondering what has become of him.

Later on, Mona requests passage on the Spirit Train so that she may search for her husband. Upon being ferried to the Rabbitland Rescue and reuniting with Bunnio, she chastises him harshly for worrying more about the rabbits than he was about her. Angered, she initially requests that Link take her back to Castle Town, but ultimately chooses to stay behind and reconcile with her husband, noting that it was his love of animals that attracted her to him in the first place, and bestowing upon Link a Force Gem in gratitude for helping to rekindle their relationship.


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