Molten Shard

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Molten Shard
Main appearance(s)
Defrosting Zora's Domain

The Molten Shard is an object in Twilight Princess.[1] The Molten Shard goes unnamed in Twilight Princess HD.

Location and Uses

The Molten Shard is a large Magma Bomb in Twilight Princess that falls from the top of Death Mountain among other Magma Rocks as a result of Fyrus's outrage. The Shard is later used by Midna and Link, who take advantage of the fragment's heat to melt the ice covering Zora's Domain and thus free the frozen Zoras by Warping the Shard there.

After the Molten Shard has been used to free the Zoras, and the Twilight has been lifted from the Lanayru Province, the Shard can be blown open using a Water Bomb to reveal a trapped Goron, who apparently fell into the lava in Death Mountain and was blown violently out of the volcano while inside the rock. Once freed, the Goron will give Link a Bomb Bag.


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