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This article is about the character from Ancient Stone Tablets. For the recurring trap, see Mole.
Main appearance(s)

The Mole is a character in Ancient Stone Tablets.[name reference needed]


The Mole appears once per week at a random location of the overworld at specific times. If found, it tells the Hero of Light about the location of a treasure. It then proceeds to burrow down, moving to the treasure's location. In said area, the Mole appears next to a hole leading to an underground cave. Inisde, six Treasure Chests containing several Rupees can be found. The Hookshot is needed to reach all chests in weeks 2 and 3. Each time the Mole is found, 10,000 points are added to the score of the current week.


Week Time Possible Mole Location Treasure Location Rupees
1 18:44 South of Level 2
Wooden bridge southwest of the Witch's Hut
West of Level 1
South of the stone bridge
Northeast of the stone bridge
West of the Witch's Hut ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 600 Rupees
2 18:47 House left of Sahasrahla's House
Next to Level 3
Southwest of Kakariko Village
South of Kakariko Village
Inside the house southwest of Kakariko Village
South of the Smithery ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 600 Rupees
3 18:44 Cliff southwest in the Desert of Mystery
Haunted Grove
East of Level 5
Inside Link's House
South of Level 1
Northwest of the Great Swamp ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 1,400 Rupees
4 18:34 Southeast of the Graveyard
East of the Graveyard
North of Kakariko Village
Master Sword's grove
Inside the Lumberjack's house
Death Mountain ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 1,400 Rupees