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Moblin Cave

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Moblin Cave
Moblin Hideout.png
Location(s) Tal Tal Heights[1]
Game(s) Link's Awakening
Boss(es) King Moblin
Quest Reward(s)BowWow

The Moblin Cave,[2] also known as the Baw Wow Dungeon,[3] is a mini-dungeon in Link's Awakening.

Themes and Navigation

The Moblin Cave is located on the edge of Tal Tal Heights. It has cracked flooring in places. It is controlled by a gang of Moblins led by the King Moblin. Early in Link's quest to wake the Wind Fish, the King Moblin and his henchmen kidnap BowWow.[4] Link travels to the Moblin Cave and defeat the Moblins. He then battles the King Moblin, who recognizes that he is there to save BowWow.[5] Link defeats the King Moblin, saving BowWow.[6] This is necessary for him to enter the second Dungeon, Bottle Grotto, as the Goponga Flowers blocking the entrance can be eaten by BowWow.

Minor Enemies


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