Mobilin's Head Inn

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Mobilin's Head Inn
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The Mobilin's Head Inn, also known as the Mobilin Inn, is a lodge house located in the Plain of Andor of Tolemac in Zelda's Adventure.

Features and Overview

The Mobilin's Head Inn is a small lodge house located in eastern Plain of Andor, next to its river. It is owned by a man named Lothar, a friendly man who welcomes Zelda to his establishment. The lodge mainly serves as a stop for weary travelers looking to rest. A brew called Andor cider is known to be served there.[1]

Outside the inn, a Beggar can be found asking for Rupees to feed her children, after the family had been banished from Great Wimbich.[2] Zelda can give her 2 Rupees to receive the Firestorm Spell. Inside, Zelda can purchase the Calm Spell from Lothar for 100 Rupees, and can receive the Dagger Spell from Krebb the weary man after speaking with him persistently. Another weary traveler inside the inn gives a hint on crossing the Shrine of Earth's chasm using a Ladder, and a woman gives Zelda a riddle on navigating the shrine with a Candle and a key, despite the shrine having no locks.



  1. "Welcome to the Mobilin's Head Inn, my princess! You look dry, have a cup of Andor cider on the house." — Lothar (Zelda's Adventure)
  2. "Oh, fair princess! Pity a suffering creature exiled from Great Wimbich in the north! I ask only enough for a single meal for my children who hunger and are chilled by the wind." — Beggar (Zelda's Adventure)