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Misko, the Great Bandit

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Misko, the Great Bandit
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Quest Giver Domidak
Location Dueling Peaks Stable
Reward Opal
Sapphire (x2)
Luminous Stone

"Misko, the Great Bandit" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Domidak and his twin brother Prissen at Dueling Peaks Stable will let slip that they are hunting the treasure of a legendary bandit by the name of Misko.[2] The way to the treasure is hidden in a riddle they are mulling over, but they will only give it up for a fee of 100 Rupees.[3] Once Link pays the appropriate amount, the Side Quest begins.

The part of the riddle speaking about a "little twin" is referring to the Little Twin Bridge just south of the Dueling Peaks Stable.[4] It crosses over a small branch of the Squabble River and is the "little river" in the riddle. Link must follow the river further south to Hickaly Woods where it begins as a small waterfall. Climbing the waterfall leads the young hero to a bombable pile of Rocks, which hides the cave where Misko stored thier treasure.

Misko's treasure is made up of a number of Treasure Chests and a few Barrels. Inside the Treasure Chests are an Opal, an Amber, two Sapphires, and a Luminous Stone. The Barrels contain Roasted Bird Drumsticks or Seared Steaks. Sitting off in a corner is a group of three Toasted Hearty Truffles, and laying on the floor is a Soldier's Spear. Another bombable wall hides a final Treasure Chest, housing a Flameblade. Opening any Treasure Chest and taking its contents ends the Quest.


Stage Description
1 The treasure hunters Domidak and Prissen accidentally hinted at a riddle that points to the location of treasure hidden by Misko, the Great Bandit.

"The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river's source."

It could be that finding this treasure will grant you riches beyond measure...
Complete You got a riddle from the treasure hunters about a treasure hidden by someone called Misko, the Great Bandit:

"The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river's source."

You managed to crack the riddle and locate the treasure!


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