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Mirror Shield

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Mirror Shield
MM3D Mirror Shield Artwork.png
Artwork of the Mirror Shield in
Majora's Mask 3D
Other media
Comparable Item(s) Hylian Shield

The Mirror Shield is a recurring Shield in The Legend of Zelda series. It is a powerful Shield that generally allows Link to reflect beams of light or magic from one place to another.


A Link to the Past

ALttP Mirror Shield Sprite.png

In A Link to the Past, the Mirror Shield is the third level Shield and is found in Turtle Rock. It is better than the previous two shields, known for its ability to stop beams, such as those fired by Laser Eyes, and attacks from enemies such as Lynels. It can outright reflect Wizzrobe projectiles. It cannot stop the beams of a Beamos, however. It is particularly huge, with only half of Link's body being visible behind it during gameplay. It also cannot be stolen by Pikits, but in the Game Boy Advance version of the game it can be eaten by Like Likes. Because of this, a shop in the Dark World will sell a replacement Mirror Shield if Link loses it in this version of the game.

Link's Awakening


In Link's Awakening, the Mirror Shield is found in Eagle's Tower. It is essential for getting to the last dungeon, Turtle Rock, as it is used to pass through the flamethrower trap in a tunnel on the way to the dungeon.

Ocarina of Time

Mirror Shield sprite from Ocarina of Time 3D

In Ocarina of Time, the Mirror Shield is the final shield that Link acquires in his adventure. It is found in the Spirit Temple on a ledge that can only be reached after defeating an Iron Knuckle on the Adult Link portion of the temple. Unlike the Hylian Shield, the Mirror Shield has a polished surface, allowing it to reflect light. This allows Link to solve the light puzzles in the dungeon. Otherwise, the Mirror Shield acts almost the same except for the fact that it destroys the projectiles spat at Link by Octoroks, Deku Scrubs, and Business Scrubs, instead of reflecting them. However, it can somewhat reflect one of Ganondorf's light magic attacks.

The Mirror Shield also plays an important part in defeating Twinrova, the boss of the Spirit Temple. When Koume and Kotake are separate, the Mirror Shield can be used to reflect - and in turn, direct to the other sister - the fire or ice beam that a sister will fire at Link. When in their combined form, the Mirror Shield can absorb Twinrova's energy, and after three of the same type of energy is absorbed, a beam of that element is fired that can stun Twinrova temporarily for a quick few slashes.

The original Mirror Shield had a star and a moon resembling the Islamic symbol, but this was changed in later releases to the Gerudo Symbol because of this resemblance.

Comparison of the two different versions of the Mirror Shield

Majora's Mask

MM3D Mirror Shield Icon.png

In Majora's Mask, the Mirror Shield appears depicted as a decagonal shield with a picture of an unhappy or screaming face upon it. It is found Beneath the Well after bargaining with several Gibdos. It can reflect light, and is vital for progressing through the Ikana Castle and solving the few light puzzles in the Stone Tower Temple. Light directed from the Mirror Shield also has the ability to instantly defeat undead enemies, such as Floormasters and ReDeads. Like the previous Mirror Shield, it cannot deflect certain projectiles; however, unlike the previous game, it permanently replaces the Hero's Shield. Fortunately, it is more versatile than its old incarnation.

Oracle series

OoX Mirror Shield Sprite.png

In the Oracle series, the Mirror Shield appears as the Level 3 Shield upgrade. It has a blue sprite and can only be obtained on a Linked Game, via upgrading the shield through gameplay and using a password to upgrade it as well. These upgrades can be performed in either order, and it creates a "pair" with the Master Sword from these games. As in Ocarina of Time, the Mirror Shield can block Twinrova's energy attacks, although it cannot reflect them, nor can it reflect anything else the other shields cannot. It is simply able to block things that the Iron Shield cannot.

Like the other shields in these games, the Mirror Shield can be eaten by Like Likes. However, once the shield has been upgraded to an Iron or Mirror Shield, shops will begin selling the current shield upgrade instead of the Wooden Shield, allowing Link to purchase another one.

The Wind Waker

The Mirror Shield as seen in game from The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Mirror Shield is found in the Earth Temple. It is obtained by defeating three Stalfos, the mini-bosses of the dungeon. It is the second, and final, shield and automatically replaces the Hero's Shield once obtained.

As in previous games, it is required to solve light puzzles. It occasionally must be paired with another light beam to successfully solve a puzzle, usually by utilizing Medli's Harp as it acts much, if not the same, as the Mirror Shield does regarding light. Light that bounces off the Mirror Shield can also paralyze certain enemies in this game such as ReDeads. It is the only way to solidify Poes and thereby required to defeat Jalhalla, and allows Dark ChuChus to be turned to stone.

The Mirror Shield can also cause certain stone statues to break and reflect light along a large network of mirrors, as seen in the Earth Temple. The ability to break stone statues is needed to carry on past Floor 31 of the Savage Labyrinth. Lastly, it proves invaluable in the final battle, during which Link uses it to reflect Zelda's Light Arrows onto Ganondorf when he begins to dodge them, giving the hero an opportunity to land the finishing blow.

The Minish Cap


After defeating Vaati, Link can find Biggoron at the peak of Veil Falls and let him eat his Shield. If Link returns later, Biggoron will give him the Mirror Shield as compensation. While Link guards with the Mirror Shield, any projectiles that hit it are converted into a beam that shoots back in the direction that Link is facing. The Mirror Shield does not fire a beam when hit by an enemy at close range. The design is the same as the Mirror Shield from The Wind Waker.

Non-canon Appearances

Soulcalibur II

In Soulcalibur II, the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time is one of shields available to Link. Paired off with the Master Sword, the Mirror Shield can be bought in the Pollux Shop, Rigel Shop or the Aldebaran Shop for 2200 Gold while playing the Weapon Master Mode. Although Link's offense and defense stays the same when he equips this shield, all of the hits the young hero takes are counters, and 33% of damage received is inflicted back to the opponent.[1]

Image Cost Attributes In-game Description
Mirror Shield (SCII).png
2200 Gold
Hits taken are counters
33% of damage received is inflicted back onto opponent
A mirror-like shield found in the Spirit Temple. It is an amazing work of art, and there are few who would argue that it is not one of the finest shields in Hyrule. It is said that its surface reflects not only light but hostile intent as well.

Hyrule Warriors Series

In Hyrule Warriors, the Mirror Shield from Majora's Mask appears as a Defense Badge. It decreases the damage taken from battles with Darkness as a recommended element. Its damage reduction effect can also be further increased by crafting its enhanced Badges. In Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, the Mirror Shield from Wind Waker also appears paired with the Lokomo Sword from Spirit Tracks as the third tier of Toon Link's Light Sword weapon.


  • The Mirror Shield may be a direct reference to the Mirror Shield of the Kid Icarus series, used by Pit to defend against Medusa's eye beams. The Mirror Shield is first used in The Legend of Zelda series to similarly defend against Laser Eyes. The Mirror Shield in both series is likely a reference to the Greek myth of Perseus, where he used a shield to reflect the image of Medusa so he could avoid her gaze. The Kid Icarus series also includes Light Arrows, both items predating their appearance in Zelda games.
  • The Mirror Shield also appears in The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls. Link's Awakening borrows much from this game, including the game's engine and the cameo appearance of Richard. In this game, the shield is used to reflect a mammoth boss's image, causing it to hesitate and leave itself open to attack. The Mirror Shield is found in the Ice Cavern and is the strongest shield in the game. For The Frog The Bell Tolls - Mirror Shield.png
  • The Happy Mask Salesman's backpack has a Mask in the shape of Majora's Mask's Mirror Shield.
  • In the Collector's Edition version of Majora's Mask, the Mirror Shield causes a slight graphical error. When reflecting light, a green and black stripe slowly slides across the light-ray every second or so. This is probably a result of incorrect emulation.
  • The Japanese Nintendo 64 release of Majora's Mask has another Mirror Shield in the game's programming as an unused item. It has a finished select icon and appears identical to what would later be the revised Mirror Shield of Ocarina of Time, predating the GameCube edition. However, the use of this item crashes the game.
  • In The Wind Waker, the Mirror Shield momentarily vanishes from Link's back during the cutscene after the final battle. It reappears following the end credits when he departs from Outset Island.
  • In The Minish Cap, unused text implies that the Mirror Shield, along with the Magic Boomerang and the unused Fire Rod, was sold for 350 Rupees instead.[2]
  • In Majora's Mask 3D, when viewing the Mirror Shield in the Gear menu, it appears much thicker than it actually appears when being used.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ミラーシールド (Mirā Shīrudo) Mirror Shield
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 镜盾 (Jìng Dùn) Mirror Shield
French-speaking countries French Bouclier Miroir
Bouclier-Reflet (LA)
Mirror Shield
Canada FrenchCA Bouclier miroir (OoT3D, MM3D) Mirror shield
Federal Republic of Germany German Spiegel-Schild Mirror Shield
Italian Republic Italian Scudo Specchio Mirror Shield
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Escudo Espejo Mirror Shield
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Escudo espejo (OoT3D, MM3D) Mirror shield



  1. "Reflects attacks, but may cause Link to lose balance" — Shield description (Soulcalibur II)
  2. "Mirror Shield 350 Rupees"The Minish Cap Text Dump, Zelda Legends, retrieved August 8, 2015.