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Mirro Shaz Shrine

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Mirro Shaz Shrine
BotW Mirro Shaz Shrine Interior.png
Location(s) Pico Pond
Game(s) Breath of the Wild
Main Item Spirit Orb

The Mirro Shaz Shrine, designated by the Trial name Tempered Power, is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Shrine is located at Pico Pond in Eldin Canyon. It is unguarded and sits in plain sight north of the pond.

Themes and Navigation

There are three parts to the Shrine's Tempered Power trial. The first two parts must be completed to finish, while the third optional part rewards a Giant Ancient Core treasure.

The first part of the trial consists of a Treasure Chest containing an Iron Sledgehammer, a ball, and a Crystal Switch. Using the Iron Sledgehammer, Link must line up directly behind the ball, facing toward the goal in the water. Using Stasis on the ball allows Link to hit the ball 5 times with the Iron Sledgehammer, and launch the ball toward the goal. Hitting the ball too few or too many times will cause the ball to be launched either short or far of the goal. If performed correctly, the ball will land in the hole, unlocking the second part of the trial. The Crystal Switch resets the ball if the goal is missed.

In the second part of the trial, Link can use Stasis on the stone block, and hit it straight up toward the stone slab. This will move the slab and create a ramp Link can run up and access the Monk Mirro Shaz, allowing Link to finish the trial. To the left of the Monk there is a path that leads back behind the Monk, and down to the third and final optional part of the trial.

The third part of the trial consists of another Treasure Chest containing another Iron Sledgehammer, another ball and Crystal Switch, and a final Treasure Chest locked behind a gate. Link can apply the same tactics to hit the ball into the second goal, except this time Link must hit the ball exactly 5 times with the Sledgehammer, and once with a smaller weapon. After performed correctly, the gate will open, allowing Link access to the final Treasure Chest, which contains a Giant Ancient Core.

Link can then return to the Monk Mirro Shaz to receive the Spirit Orb.


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