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Minish World

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Minish World
Vaati Minish Cap.gif
The young Minish apprentice Vaati steals the Mage's Cap from Ezlo's workshop in the Minish World.

The Minish World,[1] also known as the Minish Realm, is the homeland of the thumb-sized Minish race that is briefly seen in a cutscene from The Minish Cap. As the homeland of the Minish, it is also the homeland of Vaati, an evil Minish that would eventually become an infamous wind demon, and his former master Ezlo, one of the greatest Sages of the Minish race. This world is connected to the land of Hyrule via the Minish Door that only opens once very briefly every 100 years[2]. When this door opens, the two worlds are connected via the Elemental Sanctuary that is located within the courtyard of Hyrule Castle[3]. Though Vaati originally called this world home, he became enchanted by the evil that could come from the hearts of men and longed to become a sorcerer in his own right. He seized his chance when he stole the magical Mage's Cap from his master's workshop and fled through the Minish Door, which coincidentally was opening at the same time, hoping to acquire the legendary Light Force wherever it was in the land of Hyrule. Ezlo, having been cursed into the shape of a cap himself by Vaati, followed his former apprentice through the door in an attempt to stop him, and after Vaati's defeat and his subsequent restoration to his original form, Ezlo returned to the Minish World through the Minish Door just as it closed for another century.

Hyrule Through the Eyes of the Minish

The term "Minish World" is also used by Ezlo to refer to Hyrule itself, only as seen and lived in larger scale, through the eyes of a tiny Minish. It is accessed through Minish Portals through the use of Ezlo[4][5][6]. In the Minish World, normal enemies appear giant, and some even function as bosses, like the guardians at the end of the Deepwood Shrine and the Temple of Droplets, two dungeons entered and explored exclusively from the Minish World.

The overworld Minish create homes in mushrooms, old boots, pots, holes in house drywall, and cracks in the ground, and adorn them with objects commonly found in the surrounding area, along with mini-tables, chairs, and beds.


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