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Minish Portal

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Minish Portal
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Main appearance(s)

Minish Portals are objects in The Minish Cap.[1]

Location and Uses

Minish Portals be accessed by Link throughout The Minish Cap. These Portals allow Link, with Ezlo, to reduce his size to that of a Minish. The Minish Portals allow Link to access different areas and after swallowing a Jabber Nut, allows communication with the Minish. Minish Portals can also be used to return Link to normal size. Once Link is of Minish size, he cannot return to normal size without using a Minish Portal.

Types of Minish Portals

Trunk Portal.gif
Tree Stump Portals are one of the most common portal types in the overworld, and are found in most areas.
Dungeon Portal.gif
This type of Portal is only found inside Dungeons (with the exception of Deepwood Shrine and the Temple of Droplets, which have no Portals, as Link remains Minish-sized throughout).
Pot Portal.gif
Jar Portals are found inside houses and shops in the overworld. To be used, they must be upside down. The Cane of Pacci may be required to flip them over.
Stone Portal.gif
Stone Portals are found in Mount Crenel.
Temple of Droplets Entrance.png
The entrance of the Temple of Droplets is a special type of Minish Portal.



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