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Minish Link

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Minish Link
Minish Link next to a cherry
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Minish Link is a title granted to Link in The Minish Cap, after Ezlo shrinks him down to the minuscule size of the Minish. Link cannot become Minish size anywhere; however, there are special portals, such as Pots and Tree Stumps, that act as the medium through which Link may transform.


After Link rescues Ezlo from two Octoroks in the Minish Woods, Ezlo joins the young hero in his quest to stop Vaati. Afterwards, Ezlo explains to Link that in order to speak to the Minish, he must shrink to their size, and shows the young hero how to use a Minish Portal. After shrinking to Minish size, Link enters the Minish Village. Once in the village, Link finds that he is unable to understand the language of the Minish and finds Festari, who explains that the young hero must eat a Jabber Nut to speak the Minish tongue.

After eating the Jabber Nut, Link speaks to the Minish elder, Gentari, who tells him that to restore the Picori Blade, the young hero must collect the Four Elements.[1][2] Gentari then guides the young hero to the Deepwood Shrine,[3] the location of the Earth Element. After Link defeats the boss of the Deepwood Shrine and obtains the Earth Element, Gentari tells the young hero that the one who can reforge the Picori Blade lives on Mount Crenel.

Once Link ascends Mount Crenel, he enters Melari's Mine and meets the Mountain Minish and Melari. Melari agrees to reforge the Picori Blade and immediately begins work on it. Melari tells the young hero to go look for the Fire Element in the Cave of Flames while he waits for the sword's completion. After defeating Gleerok and returning with the Fire Element, Melari finishes reforging the sacred blade and gives Link the newly forged White Sword. Melari tells the young hero that he must go to the Elemental Sanctuary in order to infuse the White Sword with the power of the Elements.

Link must become Minish-sized in order to enter the Fortress of Winds by entering the many Armos statues scattered throughout the Wind Ruins. The young hero's Minish form is crucial for defeating the boss of the Fortress of Winds, Mazaal. Later, Link must again become Minish-sized in order to find the Flippers and enter the Temple of Droplets for the third Element, the Water Element.


Minish Link.gif

At this size, Link is able to crawl through mouse-holes, walk along thin roof beams inside and above buildings, swim through narrow, shallow spans of river, and speak to and fuse Kinstones with other Minish and Animals.

Because Minish Link is of such a small size, he cannot experience the effects of the Ocarina of Wind or Picolyte, and the majority of his weapons are useless; with Link's sword being his only means of defense. Cats and Cucco chicks will see Link as prey and attack him if he draws near. Minish Link's most immediate weakness, however, is deep water. At Minish size, Link will drown in shallow puddles that would have posed no threat to his normal state. Interestingly, if Link uses the Flippers while at Minish size, these pools will act not as pitfalls, but as useful passageways to otherwise unreachable caves or shallows.


  • The Gnat Hat from Four Swords transforms Link into the size of a gnat in a similar way Ezlo can aid in compressing Link to minuscule size.



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