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Mini-Games,(BotW)[1] also known as Minigames,(TWWHD)[2] are mostly independent integral elements of the main game. They have a much smaller scale and the mechanics and rules might differ from the main game. The minigames can range from short and easy to long and tedious and usually result in being awarded prizes such as Pieces of Heart or upgrades.

List of minigames

The Legend of Zelda
Minigame Cost Reward
Money Making Game 10 Rupees
A Link to the Past
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Digging Game South of Village of Outcasts 80 Rupees
Stock Items
Piece of Heart
Shooting Gallery South of Village of Outcasts 20 Rupees
Treasure Chest Game Kakariko Village 20 Rupees (1, 20, 50)
Lost Woods 100 Rupees (1, 20, 300)
Village of Outcasts 30 Two of the following:

Arrows (1, 10)
Bomb (1)
Piece of Heart
Rupees (1, 20, 50, 100)

Link's Awakening
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Fishing Mabe Village 10 Rupees (5, 20)
Piece of Heart
Trendy Game Mabe Village 10 30 Rupees
Piece of Heart
Yoshi Doll
Ocarina of Time
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Young Link Only
Bombchu Bowling Hyrule Market 30 Large Bomb Bag
Piece of Heart
Deku Scrub Slingshot Game Lost Woods Free Bullet Bag upgrade
Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour Kakariko Graveyard 10 Rupees
Piece of Heart
Diving Game Zora's Domain 20 Rupees
Silver Scale
Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors Zora's River Free 50 Rupees
Piece of Heart (2x)
Musical Session Lost Woods Free Rupees (1, 5, 20)
Piece of Heart
Super Cucco Game Lon Lon Ranch 10 Bottle filled with Lon Lon Milk
Treasure Chest Contest Hyrule Market 10 Rupees (1, 5, 20, 50)
Piece of Heart
Adult Link Only
Horseback Archery Range Gerudo's Fortress 20 Piece of Heart
Biggest Quiver
Both Young and Adult Link
Fishing Fishing Pond 20 Golden Scale
Piece of Heart
Shooting Gallery Castle Town MarketTriforce piece.png 20 Bullet Bag upgrade
50 Rupees
Kakariko Village Triforce piece.png Big Quiver
50 Rupees

NOTE: Link will receive 50 Rupees if he has already collected the Piece of Heart, or a Fishing Hole Pass in Majora's Mask 3D.

Majora's Mask
Minigame Location Form Cost Reward
Clock Town
Deku Scrub Playground North Clock Town Deku 10 Piece of Heart
Hide and Seek North Clock Town Deku
Free Secret Code
Bombers' Notebook
Lottery West Clock Town Any 10 50 Rupees
Swordsman's School West Clock Town Human 10 Piece of Heart
Honey and Darling's Shop East Clock Town Human 10 50 Rupees
Piece of Heart
Shooting Gallery East Clock Town Human 20 Larger Quiver
Piece of Heart
Treasure Chest Game East Clock Town Human 20 50 Rupees
Deku 10 10 Deku Nuts
Goron 30 Piece of Heart
Zora 5 20 Rupees
Southern Swamp
Shooting Gallery Southern Swamp Human 20 Larger Quiver
Piece of Heart
Shooting Gallery Swamp Tourist Center Human 20 Piece of Heart
Milk Road
Gorman Track Milk Road Human 10 Garo's Mask
Romani's Target Practice Romani Ranch Human Free Epona's Song
Doggy Racetrack Romani Ranch Human 10 (min.) Rupees
Piece of Heart
Goron Race Goron Racetrack Goron Free Bottle
Gold Dust
Great Bay
Beaver Falls Race Waterfall Rapids Zora Free Bottle
Piece of Heart
Fisherman's Jumping Game Great Bay Coast 20 Piece of Heart
Zora Game Site Great Bay Coast Zora 10 100 Rupees
Spirit House Ikana Canyon 30 or 10 Piece of Heart
Oracle of Ages
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Big Bang Game Rolling Ridge 10 Old Mermaid Key
Magic Rings
Goron Dance Rolling Ridge 10Triforce piece.png
20Triforce piece.png
Mermaid Key
Brother Emblem
Rupees (30, 50, 100)
Gasha Seed
Magic Ring
Hide and Seek Fairies' Woods Free Access to Wing Dungeon
Shooting Gallery Rolling Ridge 20 Lava Juice
30 Rupees
20 Bombs
Gasha Seed
Lynna Village 10 Heart
30 Rupees
Gasha Seed
Magic Ring
Target Carts Rolling Ridge 10 Rock Brisket
20 Rupees
Gasha Seed
Treasure Chest Game Lynna City Shop 10 Magic Rings
Wild Tokay Crescent Island 10 Scent Seedling
Gasha Seeds
Magic Rings
Oracle of Seasons
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Dance Hall Boomerang
Strange Flute
Treasure Chest Game Horon Village Shop 10 Magic Rings
The Wind Waker
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Minish Cap
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Twilight Princess
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Phantom Hourglass
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Spirit Tracks
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Skyward Sword
Minigame Location Cost Reward
A Link Between Worlds
Minigame Location Cost Reward
Breath of the Wild
Minigame Location Cost Reward

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