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A Mini-boss, also known as a Middle Boss,[note 1] is generally one particular enemy or a group of common enemies which are harder to defeat


Mimi-bosses usually protect an item within a dungeon or other locations. Most of the time, they must be defeated to proceed within a dungeon or area. A common characteristic that distinguishes a mini-boss from a regular enemy is a particular battle theme played during the encounter, which is different from the usual enemy theme. They may return later as common enemies, likely because Link will have new tools and weapons to defeat them more easily. They may come in groups, as in the case of common enemies. If they are in a room, the door usually locks until they are defeated.


The Legend of Zelda

TLoZ Patras Artwork.png

The Adventure of Link

TAoL Rebonack Artwork.png

A Link to the Past


Link's Awakening

MiniBoss7 Grim Creeper.gif

Ocarina of Time

Bigocto Art.png

Majora's Mask

MM Igos du Ikana.png

Oracle of Ages


Oracle of Seasons


The Wind Waker

TWW Darknut Artwork.png

Four Sword Adventures


The Minish Cap


Twilight Princess


Phantom Hourglass

Massive Eye

Spirit Tracks

ST Geozard Chief Model.png

Skyward Sword


A Link Between Worlds



  1. The Ocarina of Time soundtrack refers to them as Middle Bosses on the 37th song, "Middle Boss Battle."