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Milk Bottle

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Not to be confused with Milk added to any Empty Bottle.
Milk Bottle
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Milk Bottles are objects (as well as an item) in Majora's Mask.[1]

Location and Uses

Link receives an item called "Milk Bottle" from Romani for completing the Event Protect Romani’s Cows!. The item is an Bottle filled with Milk.[2]

The term also refers to the large containers Cremia uses to deliver Milk to the Milk Bar. Six of them appear on barrels inside the Romani Ranch Barn on the Second Day, if Link successfully protected the Cows from the Ghosts the night before.[verification needed] During the Protect the Milk! Event, Link shoots Arrows at the masked Gorman Brother to keep the brothers from breaking the three Milk Bottles on the Carriage. A Milk Bottle breaks after a certain number of hits.[how many?]


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  1. "You got a Milk Bottle! Take one quick gulp to recover five hearts. You'll feel great! Set it to X Button, Y Button, I Button or II Button to drink. This bottle contains two helpings. When it's empty, reuse the bottle." — N/A (Majora's Mask 3D)
  2. "If any pursuers come from behind, chase them off with your arrows. They may be after my cargo of milk bottles." — Cremia (Majora's Mask)