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BotW Mija Model.png
Race Great Fairy
Gender Female
Family Tera (eldest sister)
Cotera (sister)
Kaysa (sister)

Mija is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Mija is a Great Fairy living in the Akkala region south of Tarrey Town. Like the other Great Fairies, Mija will upgrade Link's Armor in exchange for Materials.

Of the four Great Fairies, Mija is the most aloof and dismissive of Link. She is initially disappointed in his small size compared to hers,[1] and will coldly dismiss him should he visit her without the materials necessary for an upgrade. Despite this, she remains just as affectionate in the process of upgrading his armor, cuddling and kissing him in utter delight, despite his objections.


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  1. "I was expecting someone...bigger, I guess. But a slim little lad like you will do just fine. Yes." — Kaysa (Breath of the Wild)