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Melari's Mine

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Melari's Mine
Melari's Mine
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Melari's Mine is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

Melari's Mine is located at the apex of Mount Crenel. It is inhabited by Melari, the Minish blacksmith, and his seven Mountain Minish apprentices who followed him from the Minish Village.[2] The area is rich in iron and Kinstones, for which the Mountain Minish dig along the interior and sides of the Mine itself.[3][4]

The main room of the mine is Melari's workstation and furnace. It is here where Melari and two other Minish workers help to reforge the broken Picori Blade into the White Sword after obtaining the Earth Element from the Deepwood Shrine.[5][6] The mine also features the living rooms of Melari and his apprentices.

Melari's Mine is the intermediate between the Cave of Flames and the rest of Mount Crenel.[7] Link must pass through the Mine to continue on his search for the Fire Element. As with every Minish area, Link will only gain access to Melari's Mine if he shrinks down to Minish size.


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