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Medicine Shop Owner

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Medicine Shop Owner
The Medicine Shop Owner from Ocarina of Time 3D

The Medicine Shop Owner is a character in Ocarina of Time.[1]


The Medicine Shop Owner is a man who owns a Potion Shop in the market of Hyrule Castle Town. His shop offers goods such as Fairy Spirits, Bugs and Poe Souls. This man survives Ganondorf's attack and destruction on Hyrule Castle Town. He flees to Kakariko Village and makes the vacant house located near the Death Mountain Trail his new home and shop (the house opposite to the Bazaar). The shop owner always seems like a cheerful guy and allows anyone to use his back hallway to get to Granny's Potion Shop.

The Medicine Shop Owner is last seen celebrating Ganon's defeat at Lon Lon Ranch with the other shopkeepers during the ending credits of Ocarina of Time.



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