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Medicine Shop

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Medicine Shop
The Kakariko Village Medicine Shop
Medicine Shop Owner (Medicine Shop)
Granny (Granny's Potion Shop)
Related places
Market (past)
Kakariko Village (future)

The Medicine Shop is a place in Ocarina of Time.

Features and Overview

The shop is run by the Medicine Shop Owner. It sells Potions and other bottled items. During the past, the Medicine Shop is located in the Market. During the future, the shop is located in Kakariko Village. Another Potion shop, known as Granny's Potion Shop, is located behind the Kakariko Village Medicine Shop.[1] The only kind of Potion available is the Blue Potion, which sells for 100 Rupees.

Wares and Pricing

Medicine Shop

Item Price
OoT3D Blue Fire Icon.png
Blue Fire
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 300 Rupees
MM3D Bug Icon.png
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
MM3D Deku Nut Icon.png
Deku Nuts (5)
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 15 Rupees
MM3D Fairy Icon.png
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
MM3D Fish Icon.png
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 200 Rupees
MM3D Red Potion Icon.png
Red Potion
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 30 Rupees
MM3D Green Potion Icon.png
Green Potion
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 30 Rupees
OoT3D Poe Soul Icon.png
Poe Soul
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 30 Rupees

Granny's Potion Shop

Item Price
MM3D Blue Potion Icon.png
Blue Potion
OoT3D Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Potion Shop Granny's Potion Shop
Canada FrenchCA Boutique de potions (OoT3D) Mémère l'apothicaire (OoT3D)
Italian Republic Italian Negozio di pozioni (OoT3D) Negozio di pozioni (OoT3D)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Tienda de pociones (OoT3D) Tienda de pociones de la abuela (OoT3D)



  1. "Granny's Potion Shop / Closed / Gone for Field Study / Please come again! / --Granny" — Sign (Ocarina of Time)