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Medicinal Molduga

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Medicinal Molduga
BotW Malena.jpg
Malena in a state of joy
Quest Giver Malena
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Gold Rupee

Medicinal Molduga is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.


This Side Quest is one of four Quests needed to complete in order to help the people of Gerudo Town and receive the Thunder Helm from Riju in "The Thunder Helm" Side Quest. Link can begin this Quest by talking to the Gerudo Malena at a certain time. She can be found in the barracks of Gerudo Town. She appears to be in great dismay and when Link speaks to her, she explains that her husband caught a rare disease.[1] She tells Link that the only thing that can save her husband are the guts of a Molduga and that the Gerudo soldiers refuse to help her.[2][3] Malena also explains that a Molduga can be found to the west in Toruma Dunes and that they are very sensitive to vibrations.[4][5] After she is done speaking, Link will receive the Side Quest and he must go defeat a Molduga to retrieve Molduga Guts.

A Molduga can be found in four different places in Gerudo, including the Toruma Dunes, the Southern Oasis, North Dragon's Exile and Arbiter's Grounds. Molduga can be fought while Shield Surfing with the help of a Sand Seal. It can also be fought by detonating Bombs or shooting Bomb Arrows near it. Either one of these strategies creates enough vibration to cause the Molduga to fly out of the sand, stunned and vulnerable to Link's attacks. Once Link defeats a Molduga and returns to Malena with Molduga Guts for her, she will be overjoyed with the Hero.[6] She thanks Link by rewarding him with 300 Rupees.[7] Before Malena leaves, she tells Link that she might name her future child after him and the Quest will be complete.[8]


Stage Description
1 Malena's husband has fallen ill. He needs the guts of a Molduga in order to get better. The Molduga is a ferocious monster that's sensitive to the slightest vibration, and it attacks anything that comes near it. The woman is desperately looking for help, but nobody seems capable...
Complete You handed over the Molduga guts to Malena to help fix her husband's illness.

She was overjoyed and left to get her husband healthy again.


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