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Aster (Daughter)[1]

Medda is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Medda resides in Hateno Village with his little girl, Aster.[1]. Every day, he is tending to the small field of crops behind his home. He is the giver of the Shrine Quest, "The Spring of Wisdom."

When he first meets Link, he correctly guesses that he is a traveler and mentions that Hateno Village does not have many interesting sights for tourists.[3] If Link presses him, Medda admits that the village does have the only Dye Shop in Hyrule.[4] He also points out Mount Lanayru nearby.[5]

Link can ask about the mountain and Medda tells him about the Spring of Wisdom hidden there, adding that Hyrule's princess once visited it.[6] According to him, all of Hyrule's princess went there for a ceremony,[7] though he has no idea what kind.[8] Medda excitedly speculates that there may be some kind of treasure left at the spring,[9] but notes that Mount Lanayru is a treacherous landscape that can not easily be tackled.[10] The end of the conversation begins the Shrine Quest, "The Spring of Wisdom."


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