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Medal of Courage

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Medal of Courage
Get Medal of Courage.png
Winning a Medal of Courage
Use(s) Unlock Riddle QuestTriforce piece.png
Unlock Hero's TrialTriforce piece.png

A Medal of Courage is an item that can only be obtained in Four Swords. After every round, a Medal of Courage is awarded to the player that obtained the greatest number of Rupees. The total number of medals won can be seen on the file select menu.

In Four Swords a Medal of Courage is little more than a status symbol. However, once ten of these are obtained, the Riddle Quest can be started in A Link to the Past, which is on the same cartridge.

By cooperating with a friend, it is possible to obtain ten medals quickly. This is opposed to the normal, competitive nature of Four Swords.

In Four Swords Anniversary Edition, Medals of Courage can be won in multiplayer mode (but not single player mode). Collecting 5 of these will unlock the Hero's Trial stage.