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Mayor Ruul

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Mayor Ruul
Mayor of Horon Village
Race Human
Gender Male[1]
Era Era of Light and Dark
Family Mrs. Ruul (wife)
Mayor Ruul in-game

Mayor Ruul is a character in Oracle of Seasons.[2] He plays a minor role as the mayor of Horon Village.[3] His somewhat secluded residence is located in the northeastern area of the village. The mayor has a noted interest in everything concerning Gasha Seeds.[4][5] When Link first speaks to Ruul, he is astonished by the fact that the hero does not know about Gasha Seeds and gives him one to "welcome him to the town".[6] If Link comes back later with Bombs, he can blow open a hole in the eastern wall of the residence, revealing a secret room with yet another Gasha Seed. There is a patch of soft soil outside the residence where Link can plant the seeds.[7]

Mayor Ruul is the husband of Mrs. Ruul, who lives in a villa on the Holodrum Plain. The married couple are never seen together.

In a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages, Mayor Plen's grandmother appears in her son's home. She has a secret for him to tell to Mayor Ruul.[8] Ruul, who claims to be friends with Mayor Plen's grandmother, will upgrade Link's Ring Box after receiving the secret.[9]


  • Mayor Ruul is the only authority figure in the game; the only other human settlement in Holodrum, Sunken City, does not seem to have a leader.
  • Mayor Ruul's name is most likely a pun on the word "rule", in reference to his position.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ルール村長 (Rūru Sonchō) Mayor Rule
French Republic FrenchEU Maire Ruul Mayor Ruul
Federal Republic of Germany German Bürgermeister Ruul
Italian Republic Italian Sindaco Ruul
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Alcalde Ruul



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