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Master Drona and Link
Master Drona
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Master Drona is a Hinox, and stronger than the average one. He is only seen in the Link's Awakening manga by Ataru Cagiva. As might be predicted of him, Drona fights simply for fun. Captured by the Moblins, Master Drona was offered freedom in exchange for his help defeating Link, while the Moblins abducted Felicia for another of their plans.

When Link and Master Drona fought, Link's Sword Beam attack had no effect on him at all. Drona's skill in battle was almost unrivaled, as he was able to stop Link's attacks at a close range. However, Drona was eventually bested by a secret technique of Link's (Two Step Sword Revolution). As he lay dying, Drona's last words were "That was fun, kid."