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Marks of the Goddesses

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Marks of the Goddesses
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The Mark of Din, Farore, and Nayru, respectively

The Marks of the Goddesses are crests that represent each of the Golden Goddesses. These marks, known as the Mark of Din, Mark of Farore, and Mark of Nayru, appear in places or items related to the goddesses.[1][2][3] Although these marks are often associated with the creators of Hyrule, they are also identified with the attributes of the goddesses: Power, Courage, and Wisdom.[4]


Ocarina of Time

OoT3D Zora's Sapphire Icon.png

In Ocarina of Time, the Zora's Sapphire, or the Spiritual Stone of Water, is shaped in likeness to the Mark of Nayru. In actuality, the Spiritual Stones are shaped in the form of the Kokiri, Goron, and Zora emblems. However, only the Zora's emblem is represented by a Mark of the Goddess (Nayru); the Kokiri and Goron emblems—and thus the Spiritual Stones of Forest and Fire—are not.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, the marks represent the tunes played in the Harp of Ages. The "Tune of Echoes" bears Farore's mark, the "Tune of Currents" bears Din's mark, and the "Tune of Ages" bears Nayru's mark.

The Wind Waker

Farore's Pearl.pngDin's Pearl.pngNayru's Pearl.png
In The Wind Waker, it is said that Din's Pearl, Farore's Pearl, and Nayru's Pearl were handed down to Valoo, the Great Deku Tree, and Jabun by the goddesses themselves, respectively.[5][6][7] These three pearls, known as the Goddess Pearls, are each placed on the three statues resembling the Golden Goddesses located in each of the Triangle Islands found across the Great Sea to rise the Tower of the Gods from beneath the waves.[8]

Phantom Hourglass

PH Courage Gem Model.pngPH Power Gem Model.pngPH Wisdom Gem Model.png
The Spirit Gems from Phantom Hourglass also contain the marks, each representing the attribute of the correspondent Golden Goddess. The Power Gem features the mark of Din, the Courage Gem features the mark of Farore, and the Wisdom Gem features the mark of Nayru. The marks can also be seen on certain doors in the Temple of the Ocean King. The Door of Power, the Door of Courage and the Door of Wisdom bear the mark of Din, the mark of Farore and the mark of Nayru respectively.

Skyward Sword

The Gate of Time with the marks of the goddesses

The marks of the Goddesses are predominately displayed in Skyward Sword. All three marks can be found inside the Sky Keep in each of the rooms where a Triforce piece is hidden. Link must strike the Goddess Sword into the mark so that it may transport him to the area containing part of the sacred relic.[9]

Faron, Lanayru, and Eldin display the mark of Farore, Nayru, and Din, respectively, on their foreheads and robes. The three symbols are also featured on the Gate of Time.

The mark of Farore is seen near the Viewing Platform of the Faron Woods and also partially on the door leading to Lake Floria. To access the lake, Link must complete the symbol by drawing the missing circle using the Goddess Sword. The mark of Nayru is visible in doors inside the Sandship.

Every side of the Sealing Spike has a different Goddess Mark on it.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the Pendants of Virtue are engraved with each of their respective marks. Likewise, the Pendants of Power and Wisdom are now their traditional colors of red and blue.


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