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Dungeon(s)House of Gales
Tornado Rod
Reward(s)Pendant of Wisdom

Margomill is a boss in A Link Between Worlds. It resides in the House of Gales, one of the dungeons located in Hyrule. In his quest to claim the Pendants of Virtue, Link must defeat this monster in order to obtain the Pendant of Wisdom.

This creature consists of a giant eyeball on top of several cylindrical platforms resembling a gearbox. It is located at the top of the dungeon, and can be accessed once Link finds a Small Key and unlocks the path leading to its lair. Once defeated, Link will be rewarded with the Pendant of Wisdom.


Margomill is fought on a rectangular platform surrounded by a bottomless pit. It will spin around the room, and may push Link into the pit if he gets too close, either by physical contact or by blowing gusts of air out of the multiple holes in its body. Link must use the Tornado Rod to jump on top of it, reach its eye, and attack it with his sword. After a few hits, Margomill will stack two new layers, raising its eye off the ground and putting it out of reach. In addition, the eye will close completely. Link must attack the extra layers with his sword, Hammer, or Bow to destroy them, bringing the eye closer to the ground.

Once all of its layers have been destroyed, it will open its eye, making it vulnerable again. After another round of sword slashes, the boss will gain four more layers, and begin moving much faster. After destroying all of these and attacking the eye a few more times, Margomill will finally be defeated and Link is awarded the Pendant of Wisdom.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゲト・マーゴ (Geto māgo) Geto Margo
Federal Republic of Germany German Margomill


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