Maraudo Wolf

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Maraudo Wolf
BotW Maraudo Wolf Model.png
A Maraudo Wolf in Breath of the Wild
Habitat(s)Tabantha Frontier
Great Hyrule Forest

Maraudo Wolves are Creatures in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

021 (021) Maraudo Wolf
BotW Hyrule Compendium Maraudo Wolf.png
These wolves are not only carnivorous but can also be downright fierce. They're highly aggressive and aren't afraid to attack people. They hunt in groups and surround their prey as a means of bringing it down. That said, if one of their own is injured, the rest are wise enough to run away. They communicate via howls, so if you're wandering the forest and hear their call, you had best take care.
Common Locations
Tabantha Frontier
Great Hyrule Forest
Recoverable Materials
Raw Prime Meat Raw Gourmet Meat

A Maraudo Wolf is a large canine with high haunches and ragged fur. It is a quadruped with sharp claws on each of its toes. A long bushy tail extends from its rear. Its face is distinct with narrowed, yellow eyes and a prominent muzzle. Their ears are pointed and face towards the direction of sound. The Wolf’s lips extend back when growling, exposing its carnassial teeth. It has prominent canine teeth as well, which are likely used to snap down on prey. Maraudo Wolves can be distinguished from their relatives through their unique blue and white fur, and their preference for forested habitat.

Maraudo Wolves can be found in most deciduous regions of Hyrule. The Hyrule Compendium specifically notes Tabantha Frontier and the Great Hyrule Forest as common locations, but they are populous in the Akkala region as well. The Wolves are highly social animals that are never encountered alone, averaging at three individuals per pack. When idle, the Wolves can be seen sniffing the ground and stretching their bodies. However, if a Wolf spots Link, it will howl to alert its pack members and give chase. Once cornered, the Wolves encircle Link and take turns charging at him with snapping jaws, inflicting damage on contact. However, the Wolves will disband and retreat if one is injured or killed by Link. The Wolves will not try to attack Link if he is on horseback. Killing a Maraudo Wolf produces either Raw Prime Meat or Raw Gourmet Meat, rarer spoils than regular Raw Meat. The Raw Gourmet Meat can be given to Trott in order to complete the Side Quest, "A Rare Find".


  • The Maraudo Wolf strikingly resembles and is likely based on the gray wolf, a large canine of the northern hemisphere that hunts in packs and is most common in forested areas.


The word "maraudo" likely derives from marauder, someone who raids and plunders. This may allude to how the Maraudo Wolves confront Link.

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