Manhandla Stalk

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Manhandla Stalk
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Main appearance(s)
Seed Bombs
Effective Weapon(s)

Manhandla Stalks are enemies in Hyrule Warriors.


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While Manhandla makes an appearance in Hyrule Warriors, Manhandla Stalks also appear as individual Manhandla stems that emerge in various locations in Stages, more commonly in Adventure Mode, where they can appear in groups of two but appear more commonly in groups of three. From the location that they sprout, they will barrage either the opposing Bases or opposing Warriors from afar. If a Warrior approaches the Stalk, it will fire at them. Large numbers of Manhandla Stalks can deal high amounts of damage to the Allied Base, so defeating them is a priority. Manhandla Stalks can be defeated instantly with the Boomerang but unlike Manhandla itself, the Stalks can be damaged by other Weapons. Manhandla Stalks do not drop Materials when defeated.

In "The Sorceress of the Valley", Manhandla will retreat when its health is down to half and reemerge as five Stalks that must be defeated. Defeating these stalks will make Manhandla reappear in its entirety.


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