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Man in Blind's Hideout

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Man in Blind's Hideout
Race Human
Gender Male
Era Era of Light and Dark

The Man in Blind's Hideout is a character in A Link to the Past.[citation needed]


The man is found in the former hideout of Blind's gang of thieves in Kakariko Village. He tells Link that Blind, the leader of the gang, once lived in Kakariko Village, where his home served as the hideout for his mischievous companions. He also gives Link a clue about Blind's weakness and hatred of bright light.[1]



  1. "Yo link! This house used to be a hideout for a gang of thieves! What was their leaders name... Oh yeah, his name was Blind and he hated bright light a lot." — Man in Blind's Hideout (A Link to the Past)