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Mamu, as he appears in Link's Awakening.
Frog King[citation needed]
Race Frog
Gender Male
Era Era of Light and Dark

Mamu[1] is a character from Link's Awakening. He is a large, frog-like creature who resides in the pond beneath the Signpost Maze.[2] He lives with a choir of frogs, which he leads and conducts.


Mamu as he appears in-game

In Link's Awakening, Mamu resides in the pond beneath the Signpost Maze. He teaches Link the third and final song for the Ocarina, the "Frog's Song of Soul" by paying him 300 Rupees.[2][3][4] After paying the 300 Rupee fee to listen to his jam, Link will learn the "Frog's Song of Soul".[5] Mamu remarks that the ones who hear the song feel more alive.[6] Mamu cannot be revisited afterwards, as he and his Frog Choir are away on tour according to the sign outside the pond.[7] His fate is unknown after the Wind Fish awaken, as the dream world disappears as well.[8]


Mamu is a character who originates in another game, Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic (夢工場 ドキドキパニック). He was the main villain in the original game where he is the ruler of a storybook world and he sets the events of the game in motion by kidnapping two children and bringing them to his dream factory. The game was localized outside of Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2 with Mario characters replacing the original Arabian Nights-inspired characters. The US localization changed his name to Wart and instead, he is the ruler of the dream realm Subcon. In Link's Awakening he retains his original Japanese name, Mamu, in the English localization.


Theory Warning
Mamu, known as Wart, in Super Mario Bros. 2.

After being defeated at the hands of the hero, Mario, the real King of Subcon and the Subcon Fairies had the evil frog king caught. However, BS Super Mario USA's backstory reveals that he fled to another dream world before returning to Subcon, possibly being the Wind Fish's Koholint Island. This might support the fact that Mamu vanished in Link's Awakening after teaching Link the Frog's Song of Soul.

There is another theory that Mamu is still an enemy despite how friendly he acts in Link's Awakekning, as his conquest of Subcon is not necessarily over. There are still members of his army, the 8 bits, who inhabit Koholint Island, such as Bombites, Mask-Mimics and Pokeys. There could be some possibility that he may still command the 8 bits (probably also the members of the Koopa King's army) while acting like an ally.

There's a possibility that Mamu may have awakened from his endless slumber after the Wind Fish awakened, due to the fact that he can only appear in a dream world by sleeping.


  • Don Gero from Majora's Mask could have been inspired by Mamu from Link's Awakening, who was also the leader of a Frog Choir.
  • Despite the fact that Mamu's artwork contains a much more toad-like and older appearance, his sprite looks much more similar to what he originally looked like in Super Mario Bros. 2, and still depicts a crown on his head.


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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マムー (Mamū)
French-speaking countries French Wart Reference to the final boss of Super Mario Bros. 2