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TP Chudley Render.png
Chudley from Twilight Princess

Chudley is a character in Twilight Princess.[2][note 1]


Chudley is a man who runs Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, an extravagant shop in Castle Town which charges a large amounts of Rupees for common items. He is very snobbish and will not let anyone into his store unless they shine their shoes.[4]

If enough Rupees are donated at Malo Mart in Kakariko Village, Malo will buy the store and convert it into the Malo Mart Castle Branch, drastically reducing the prices of his wares.[5] Chudley remains in charge of the shop after this, but he drastically changes his demeanor. He now wears extravagant colorful clothing, constantly dances, acts cheerful, and is completely devoted to satisfying his customers.


  • Chudley is one of the few characters in the series who ever speaks in actual words. After buying the Magic Armor, he says "Thank you."
  • According to the Prima Games guide, Chudley is about 30 years old.[6]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese セレブ店員 (Serebu Tenin) Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium Clerk
French Republic FrenchEU Chudley
Republic of Korea Korean 고금 상점의 점원 (Gogeum Sangjeom-ui Jeom-won)



  1. This character was also referred to as Malver in the Twilight Princess Prima Official Game Guide by Prima Games,[3] However, because Chudley's name was officially stated in Art & Artifacts, any other term is not considered Canon.


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