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Majora's Mask Trading Sequence

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As with most The Legend of Zelda games, Majora's Mask features a Trading Sequence.



Characters and Places


Event Procedure

Across Termina, there are Business Scrubs desiring to move to new places, yet they're unable to do so because they need documents of property from their destinations. In exchange, they accept to sell their own Deku Flowers before moving to other places. Therefore, to gain access to said Deku Flowers (each of which enables Link to reach a Piece of Heart), the young hero requires the correct Title Deed.

The sequence is as follows, Link must:

  1. Give the Moon's Tear to the Business Scrub in Clock Town to receive the Land Title Deed.
  2. Give the Land Title Deed to the Business Scrub in the Southern Swamp to receive the Swamp Title Deed
  3. Give the Swamp Title Deed to the Scrub in the Goron Village to receive the Mountain Title Deed (Can only be done while in Deku form)
  4. Give the Mountain Title Deed to the Business Scrub in the Zora Hall to receive the Ocean Title Deed (Can only be done while in Goron form)
  5. Give the Ocean Title Deed to the Business Scrub at Ikana Canyon to receive 200 Rupees (Can only be done while in Zora form)

Overall, the rewards for completing this trading sequence are five Pieces of Heart, and two hundred Rupees from the final Business Scrub, making this trading sequence a fruitful sidequest.