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BotW Maike Model.png
Race Gerudo
Gender Female
Family Estan (Sister)[1]

Maike is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Maike is a Gerudo merchant in the Kara Kara Bazaar who sells Materials and Food. If Link speaks to Maike during the day, she will attempt to say "good morning" in Hylian and explains that they say "sav'otta" in Gerudo.[2] If Link speaks to her at night, she will try to say "good evening" in Hylian and explains that they say "sav'sabba" there.[3] She also incorrectly says "welcome" in Hylian as "well come" and explains that they say "vasaaq" in Gerudo.[4] Maike's little sister, Estan, runs a butcher shop in Gerudo Town.[1] Maike tells Link that Estan knows the Hylian Language well, recommending that he stop by and meet her.[5] However, Maike quickly realizes that as a man, Link would not be allowed to enter Gerudo Town and meet her.[6]

If Link speaks to Maike while searching for the man who discovered a way into Gerudo Town, he may ask her if she has seen a suspicious male merchant.[7] Maike will be unable to recall someone of that description,[8] suggesting that Link asks one of the Hylian merchants at the Bazaar instead.[9]

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Roasted Bass Icon.png
Roasted Bass Triforce piece.png
A bass that's been cooked whole over an open flame. It's flaky and savory smelling. Offers more hearts than the raw version. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 23 Rupees
BotW Seared Steak Icon.png
Seared Steak Triforce piece.png
Raw meat cooked over an open flame. Cooking it has increased its flavor and the number of hearts it provides. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 30 Rupees
BotW Lizalfos Tail Icon.png
Lizalfos Tail Triforce piece.png
The severed tail of a Lizalfos. It continues to wriggle even after being separated from its body. That kind of vitality makes it highly valued as an ingredient in elixirs. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 112 Rupees


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French Republic FrenchEU Menaccly


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