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Magical Boomerang

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Magical Boomerang
CoH Magic Boomerang Sprite.png
Other media
Location(s) Level-2 (TLoZ) Triforce piece.png
Level-3 (TLoZ) Triforce piece.png
Waterfall of Wishing (ALttP)
Village of Outcasts (ALttP)
Ancient Ruins (OoS)
Use(s) Stunning enemies
Retrieving distant items
Hitting Switches

The Magical Boomerang,(TLoZ | ALttP | TMC)[1][2] also known as the Magic Boomerang,(CoH)[3] is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. It is an upgrade to the Boomerang.

Location and Uses

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Manual Comment

The Legend of Zelda

Wooden boomerang and magical boomerang

Link can use these to inflict damage on weak enemies. He can also stop most of the enemy in their tracks if he throws the boomerang on target. The magical boomerang flies further than the wooden boomerang.

In The Legend of Zelda, Link can acquire the Magical Boomerang as a replacement of the Boomerang. The Magical Boomerang is blue and can be thrown further than the Boomerang.[4] To obtain it in the First Quest, he must defeat all of the blue Goriyas within a certain room in Level-2. In the Second Quest, he must defeat all of the red Goriyas within a room in Level-3. Like the Boomerang, Link can use the Magical Boomerang to stun certain enemies for a brief period of time.[5] He can also use it to instantly to defeat Keese and Gels.[6] Once Link obtains the Magical Boomerang, the appearance of the Boomerangs that Goriyas use will change to match it. If Link obtains the Boomerang after the Magical Boomerang, nothing will change and he will continue to have the Magical Boomerang in his inventory.

A Link to the Past

MagicalBoomerang ALttP.png A Magical Boomerang can be obtained in A Link to the Past by either upgrading the Boomerang at the Waterfall of Wishing or in the Village of Outcasts. The Magical Boomerang is red, faster than the Boomerang and can be thrown farther.[7] To obtain it, Link can toss his Boomerang into the Mysterious Pond, when a Great Fairy will emerge from the Pond and ask him if he dropped the Boomerang.[8] If Link says yes, then she will reward him with a Magical Boomerang for being honest.[9] Link can also get a Magical Boomerang from a Treasure Chest in the Village of Outcasts if he has not yet obtained a Boomerang.

Oracle of Seasons

The Magical Boomerang can be obtained as an upgrade to the Boomerang in Oracle of Seasons. It is the main item of the sixth Dungeon, the Ancient Ruins. It is blue and much larger than the Boomerang. Link can control the Magical Boomerang's flight path.[10]

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, the Magical Boomerang can be obtained by fusing Kinstones with the Tingle Siblings?, which will reveal a hidden Treasure Chest underground. The Magical Boomerang has a longer range, can change direction mid-flight and will defeat enemies that the regular Boomerang only stuns.[11]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, the Magical Boomerang appears as Zant's 8-Bit Weapon for the Scimitars.

Cadence of Hyrule

The Magic Boomerang can be obtained from a Treasure Chest in Cadence of Hyrule as an upgrade to the old Boomerang, enabling the user to stun larger foes and inflict damage on smaller ones.[12]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マジカルブーメラン (Majikaru BÅ«meran) Magical Boomerang
French Republic FrenchEU Boomerang Magique Magical Boomerang
Federal Republic of Germany German Magischer Bumerang Magical Boomerang
Italian Republic Italian Boomerang magico Magical Boomerang


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