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Magic is a powerful supernatural force occurring in Hyrule and other worlds that appear in The Legend of Zelda series. Magic allows its users to override the world's laws of nature and physics for their own ends, be they benevolent (protect, heal, save) or malevolent (kill, destroy, wound). Magic-users, also called wizards or sorcerers, have the potential to control, manipulate or influence reality. However, the properties, origins and general understandings of magic remain unknown or uncertain. It is known that the higher entities that preside over magic in the Hyrulean realm are the Golden Goddesses.

Known magic-users

Known characters that have performed magic on-screen include:


Hylians are capable of performing magic due to their "magic-infused blood." Indeed, Hylians are proven to be one of the most powerful magical societies in Hyrule.


Gerudo are shown to be capable of wielding magic.


The Twili are said to master a powerful shadow magic.


The Sages are a powerful order of wizards that protect Hyrule against evil. Their magic is related to one of the six elements (fire, water, forest, shadow, spirit and light).[citation needed] Sages come from many races, which may or not be able to wield magic. If they come from a magic-wielding society, Sages are given powers superior to those of their brethren. If they do not come from a magic society, they are given magic powers.

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