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Maggie is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3]


The Wind Waker

Maggie (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Maggie Figurine Model.png
Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Love and Romance

Maggie was dirt-poor before being kidnapped and held captive in the Forsaken Fortress. She's quite popular with all boys... but she prefers "wild" boys over all others.

Lately she has taken to writing poems and will soon be publishing one entitled "A Woman's Heart is Blue."

Maggie was once the poor girl of Windfall Island who was then kidnapped and taken to the Forsaken Fortress by the Helmaroc King.[4][5] According to Mila, she has always been poor.[6] When Link comes to rescue his sister, Maggie is liberated as well, and the pirate Tetra gives her back to her father. When Maggie showed her father the Skull Necklaces she had taken back from the Forsaken Fortress, he went off to sell them, allowing the girl and her father to become rich overnight.[7][8] Maggie, although rich and living in the Auction House, is still quite depressed.[9] She misses the Moblin named Moe,[10] who apparently liked Maggie and gave her the necklaces.[11] She asks Link to send a letter for her because her father won't allow her to leave the house.[12] A while later after Link sends the letter, her father kicks out Ilari, the Rito postman, who was trying to deliver Moe's letter to Maggie,[13][14][15] so Link must find the postman and deliver Moe's letter to Maggie himself.[16] In this letter, Moe writes that he loves Maggie so much that he could eat her "for dinner" in broken, poorly written sentences befitting a Moblin.[17] When she reads his letter, the young girl proclaims that it is a wedding proposal,[18] that she wants to marry Moe, [19] and that she will set sail for the Forsaken Fortress the following day. She never does, however, for she says she could never leave her dear father behind.[20][21]

Maggie is quite popular with the boys, but she has a tendency to prefer "wild" boys over others.[22] This could explain her obsession with Moe the Moblin.

Maggie appears to be fond of rabbits. She wears a rabbit-ear headdress and her letter to Moe is sealed with the likeness of a rabbit.

The Minish Cap

Maggie works as a librarian at the Royal Hyrule Library in Hyrule Town in The Minish Cap.[1] After the Library opens and Link attempts to speak with Librari, Maggie will tell him about the three overdue Library Books that were checked out by Julietta, Dr. Left, and Mayor Hagen. When Link returns them, she gladly asks Sturgeon to re-shelve them, granting Link access to Librari.[23]


Maggie's Spanish and German name, Dolores, means "sorrowful", befitting her frugal life in the beginning of the game. In contrast, Mila's Spanish and German name means "fortunate."

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