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Mage's Cap

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This article is about the object. You may have been looking for the game: The Minish Cap
Mage's Cap
Minish Cap.gif
Grants the wishes of its wearer

The Mage's Cap,[1] also known as the Minish Cap,[citation needed] is the original source of power of Vaati in The Minish Cap. It has the power to grant the wishes of the one who wears it.[2] Its creator is Ezlo, who had intended it to be a gift for the humans.


Prior to the events in The Minish Cap, Ezlo, a Minish, had created a hat that was able to make the wishes of its wearer come true.[3] It was supposed to be a gift for the humans, but Vaati, his apprentice, took it for himself.[4] The first things Vaati did was changing himself into a Hylian and his master into a hat. After that, he planned to use his new powers to obtain the Light Force. He did manage to steal some of it, and as such considered himself powerful enough to take on Link. However, he was defeated, leaving only the Mage's Cap behind. Ezlo told Zelda to combine her power (the part of the Light Force Vaati did not obtain) with the Minish Cap in order to undo all the damage done by Vaati.[5] After that, the cap was overloaded with magic, and as a result it fell apart and lost its power.[3]

Interestingly, when Vaati wears the hat, it turns a dark, near black purple, yet when Zelda wears it, it retains its shape. The jewel in the center of the cap also briefly turns into an eye when Vaati uses it to tranform into a Hylian sorcerer.

In the The Minish Cap manga by Akira Himekawa, the curses are broken when Link defeats Vaati. Instead of having Zelda use the cap to return Hyrule to normal, Ezlo transforms it into Link's trademark cap.

Title Usage

The Mage's Cap, the pride and joy of Ezlo.

It has been noted by several fans that the title of "Minish Cap" can also apply to Ezlo in his cap form. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the game's logo, which features Ezlo in his cap form in the title of "Minish Cap". Ezlo was the creator of the so-called Minish Cap itself, and the form he was transformed into through its power made him assume a similar shape, but he retained the power to shrink his wearer to Minish size. In the Zelda community however, the title is often assigned to both the cap recovered from Vaati at the end of the story as well as Ezlo in the form he appears in throughout the majority of the game. The cap is never really given an official name throughout the game, although Ezlo at one point calls it the "mage's cap"[6] though it may refer to the fact Vaati had been wearing the cap, the fact that Ezlo calls himself a sorcerer and the cap was his creation, it seems more likely that he was referring to himself. This being the case the 'Mage's Cap' seems the most likely name for the cap, while the Minish Cap refers to Ezlo himself in cap form.

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