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Location(s)Village of the Blue Maiden

The Mages are cloaked women that vocally support Vaati in Four Swords Adventures.[1] They occasionally reward Link and thank him for freeing Vaati.[2]


The Mages appear in various levels throughout the game, giving bits of advice. For example, one of the Mages, in Kakariko Village, charges Link 100 Force Gems for a fortune that may ironically warn of impending bad luck. Comically, she then robs Link of 300 further Force Gems. However, this Mage may, instead, give Link 1, 200 or 300 Force Gems (after the initial fee of 100), but it is hardly worth it, as the risk is far greater than the potential reward. A guild of secret agents called the Seeker's Guild exist to investigate the mages' connection with the strange disappearance of the children in the Village of the Blue Maiden. They discover that the mages have a shallow connection, but should not be suspected as accomplices in the children's disappearance.

Despite supporting Vaati, they are not harmful enough to be considered enemies. One Mage gives Link a Moon Pearl,[3] another gives him the Magic Book and requests him to give it to her apprentice, and one Mage, who claims having created the Bombos and Quake Medallions,[4] allows Link to use a Quake Medallion. One of the Mages owns a Shooting Gallery in the Village of the Blue Maiden.



The definition for mage is "a person educated in the magical arts".


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